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The winter period is said to be a healthy period for your pet. Your pet will not get sick easily if you take care of a few points.

1. Warm and cozy Bedding

Just like us he also feels cold. Never leave him outside the house on the balcony or parking area especially at night. Provide him warm and cozy bedding. Some dogs will tear the bed into pieces, you recently bought for him. So, always observe him keenly while introducing a new bed to him. Try to keep both the beds(old and new) together initially, this will give him time to accept the new bed and after few days when he will be comfortable with the new bed, you can remove the old one.

2. Car accidents

Every year some cases can be heard where stray dogs get under the car hood over the warm motor during the night to get the warmth of the motor and sleep there. In the morning when you are in a hurry, you just start and drive the car, which leads to an accident. These kinds of incidents can occur with our pets also. Next time in winters while starting the car in the morning make sure to have a look under the car hood.

3. Clothing

Decreased body temperature (normal is 101.5’F to 102.5’F) is very common in winters and is a matter of concern. Always provide your pet appropriate clothing in winters. With this simple precaution, you can prevent him from getting sick.

4. Bathing

Your dog doesn’t need daily bathing due to the absence of sweat glands on the skin. Bathing is required after 10 – 15 days in summer and 20 days to even a month in winter. Make sure to bathe him at noon on a bright sunny day to make sure he doesn’t get sick.

5. Heaters

If you frequently use heaters in your house then your pet is more prone to accidents due to heaters. Your pet has a tendency to find a warmer place and sit on it. When they do the same with heaters they can burn themselves. You need to keep an eye on his activities around the room heaters.

6. Over feeding

This is a very common issue with dogs. Physical activities generally decrease in the winters as compared to the summers. If you don’t take care of his feeding habits he might get obese. So, never overfeed him especially in winters.

7. Hydration

In winter water of your pet is reduced deliberately. It is very important to hydrate your pet and provide him regular drinking water. Moreover, water kept in the feeding bowl of your pet should be regularly changed.

8. Care of adult Dogs

Adult dogs (above 6-7 years of age) develop problems related to joints eg. arthritis. These get noticed when the problem like lameness and inability to bear weight on legs occurs. In such cases, it is important to lubricate joints along with additional supplementation and exercise. In extreme cases never delay your visit to the vet.

  1. Pet parents should not bathe puppies below 45 days of age.
  2. Owners should bathe the dogs once every month or at least once every 3 months.
  3. More frequent bathing should be avoided because bathing strips away natural oils from the coat and result in dry and itchy skin.
  4. The skin pH of a dog is different from humans and shampoo or soap intended for human use may harm the skin of your pet.
  5. Medicated shampoos like anti-tick, anti-flea, anti-fungal shampoos should be used only when advised by Veterinarians. Regular use of such shampoos may harm the skin of dogs and may develop resistance.
  6. Use dog shampoos free from harsh chemicals and colors.
  7. The temperature of the water should not be very warm or cool. It should be lukewarm.
  8. Comb and groom the dog before the bath and immediately rub him dry with a clean dry towel.
  9. Use a blower only if it is necessary. Do not use hot air for drying the hairs.
  10. Consult a Veterinarian if your dog smells bad, or the skin has rough patches, itching, hair loss, or parasites like tick and fleas on the body.