Tag: Poison

Our pets are not necessarily at risk of being attacked by rats, but rather from the poison people set out to rid our dwellings of rats. Poison is the most commonly used way to eliminate rats, but there are chances of our pets also getting either directly ingesting the poison or indirectly from eating a dead poisoned rat.

My Pet Eats Rat Poison: How can I know?
  • Garlic or Fish like Smells from Breath.
  • Nose Bleeds.
  • Blood in Stool, Urine or Vomit.
  • In coordination, Depression or Lethargy.
  • Seizures.
My Pet Eats Rat Poison: What can I do?
  • Treat it as an Emergency.
  • Rush to the Vets sooner.

How to Avoid Our Pet to Get Poisoned

  • TIP 1- Avoid Trapping- Repel Rats Instead.
  • TIP 2- Keep Trap Bait Poison-Free.
  • TIP 3- Bait Traps According to a Rat’s Diet.
  • TIP 4- Place Rat Traps in the Right Places.